Updated: July 9, 2024

Judicial Recommendation Committee

The WSBA Judicial Recommendation Committee screens and interviews candidates for state Court of Appeals and Supreme Court positions. Recommendations are reviewed by the WSBA Board of Governors and referred to the Washington state governor for consideration when making judicial appointments.

Instructions for Questionnaires. The WSBA JRC uses two questionnaires: 1) the Washington State Governor’s Office Uniform Judicial Evaluation Questionnaire, and 2) the WSBA JRC Supplement to Uniform Judicial Evaluation Questionnaire. Candidates must complete both questionnaires and all materials must be uploaded via Box. The WSBA JRC treats these files as confidential. Materials will not be accepted via email. All files must be uploaded by 5 p.m. Friday, Aug. 30, 2024. You are advised to upload your materials well before the deadline.


Please note that the WSBA does not forward Uniform Judicial Evaluation Questionnaires to the Governor's Office; should there be a vacancy candidates are interested in being considered for, candidates must apply directly with the Governor's Office. Names of well-qualified applicants that are submitted to the Governor’s Office may be subject to disclosure by the Governor’s Office under a public records request pursuant to RCW 42.56. 

Judicial candidates are encouraged to visit the governor's website to learn more about judicial appointments. Many county, minority, and specialty bar associations also evaluate judicial candidates.

Committee Administration

Chair: Ian Cairns

Board of Governors Liaison: Dan Clark, Todd Bloom, and Nam Nguyen

Contact: JRC@wsba.org