Updated: March 17, 2022

The Board of Governors Legislative Committee is comprised of 11 members who meet weekly just before and throughout the legislative session. The Committee's primary purpose is to consider legislation of interest to the WSBA and provide guidance as needed to the Bar's Outreach and Legislative Affairs staff, who typically present legislation for review to the Committee. The Committee is authorized, after consideration of GR 12 and subject to the procedural requirements of the WSBA Bylaws, to take a position on legislation on behalf of the WSBA.

2021–2022 Board of Governors Legislative Committee Members

Brent Williams-Ruth, Chair,
Governor, District 8

Tom McBride, Governor, District 10

Lauren Boyd, Governor, District 3

Dan Clark, Board of Governors President-Elect and Governor, District 4

Jordan Couch, Governor, At-Large

Carla Higginson, Governor, District 2

Brian Tollefson, Board of Governors President

Bryn Peterson, Governor, District 9

Serena Sayani, Governor, District 7 South

Kyle Sciuchetti, Board of Governors, Immediate Past President

Alec Stephens, Governor, At-Large

Terra Nevitt, Executive Director

Contact Legislative Affairs

Sanjay Walvekar
Legislative Affairs Manager
206-733-5903 | sanjayw@wsba.org