Updated: May 1, 2024

Volunteering with WSBA

Welcome! Volunteers are vital to the work of the WSBA and the legal community. The WSBA and legal community benefit directly from members and members of the public who share of their time and talent, skills, experiences, and bring the diverse perspectives necessary to steer the organization forward. Volunteering with the WSBA is a unique, rewarding experience that has a direct impact on the legal profession in a myriad of ways.

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Join the WSBA Volunteer Community

2024 Volunteer Applications Now Open!

To complete your application will likely be asked to submit a resume, cover letter and a writing sample. Take a moment to prepare these documents before you begin your online application. Please note that some eligibility requirements may apply and term limits may vary. 

Applicant Demographic Information: Each applicant will be asked to provide demographic information. This is voluntary. All applicants are encouraged to provide this information. if you chose not to answer, please select "Choose Not to Respond." To further the WSBA policy of advancing and promoting diversity, equality and cultural understanding, the Board of Governors shall take into consideration the makeup of a committee or board in terms of diversity when considering appointments. 

Once you apply, you will receive a confirmation email. Applications will be reviewed by individual recommendation teams for each position, then by the WSBA Board of Governors Nominations Committee, which makes the appointments subject to review  by the entire Board of Governors. Positions typically begin Oct. 1. It may take one to three months to receive an update regarding the status of your application. This is due to the meeting schedules of both the specific entity and the Board of Governors Nominations Committee

If you would like to learn more regarding the status of your volunteer application, please email barleaders@wsba.org.

The Washington State Bar Association values diversity and inclusion, and encourages Black, indigenous, and people of color; women; people from the LBGTQ communities; people with disabilities; and members of other groups who have been systemically oppressed to apply for our committees, boards, and panels.


Please email barleaders@wsba.org or the WSBA Volunteer Engagement Advisor directly. You may also schedule a time to chat with WSBA Volunteer Engagement Advisor, Paris Eriksen.