Updated: Oct. 26, 2023

Mentorship from a more experienced colleague has the potential to strengthen legal skills, increase knowledge, reduce barriers, and expand your network of professional colleagues. Look below to find a variety of ways to participate in a mentorship program as a mentee.

Find a Mentorship Program
WSBA Mentorship connects members to a variety of mentoring opportunities organized by local bar associations, practice area or type, cultural or community affiliation, and other organizations and WSBA programs.

Attorney Match
A free online networking tool made available through our endorsed professional liability partner, ALPS.  This resource allows members to set up a profile and indicate whether they are available to act as a mentor.

Attend a MentorLink Mixer
Unique, free-to-attend events that bring together potential mentors and mentees with similar interests in the legal profession. Past events have focused on leadership, career transitions, and specific practice areas.

Tips for Finding a Mentor

  • Make a Plan. Before you start researching or contacting potential mentors and advisors, assess your goals and most critical needs.
  • Do the Research. Once you have a clear idea of your goals, take the next step of researching potential mentors based on criteria such as: geography, practice setting, and area of law. 
  • Take Action. Many potential mentors and advisors are happy to help they just need to be asked! It’s important that the mentee take the lead in reaching out and following up, while being respectful of the mentor’s time and schedule.

Read more about how to find the right mentor match for you in our Quick Tips for Seeker Mentors handout.