Updated: Oct. 8, 2021

The job search is a multi-faceted journey that requires a savvy combination of concrete skills (how to do informational interviews, tune up your résumé, and adapt your interviewing style); introspection about what career would be a good fit; and structure to keep oneself motivated and optimistic. This page offers tools in each of these areas.  

While these resources will hopefully be helpful to you, the structure and support provided by a job group or attending job search events can be invaluable. Using a book like What Color is Your Parachute, by Richard Bolles, can offer overarching guidance to your entire search. The Member Wellness Program has a lending library, with most of the books listed on this page, that we encourage you to check out.

Informational Interviewing & Networking 

Business Cards, Cover Letters & Résumés

Finding the Ideal Career 

Using Social Media 

The Emotional Challenge of Unemployment 

Keeping at It 

We are open to your suggestions and requests. The Member Wellness Program is committed to shepherding you through this challenging phase of your career.