Updated: June 1, 2023

Administrative Law Section

The Administrative Law Section serves the interests of public and private sector attorneys who work with state and local government agencies, as well as administrative law judges, hearing officers, review officers, and other judicial personnel.

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Section Executive Committee Elections

The Section is conducting elections for the open positions on the executive committee.

Voting is scheduled for June 5-19, 2023. All voting members of the Section will be sent an electronic ballot from SurveyMonkey via email on June 5, 2023.

Candidate Information, Open Positions, and Terms
For more information about the Section and its executive committee, please review the Section's bylaws. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by position.

One position open. 1-year term: Oct. 1, 2023–Sept. 30, 2024.

Candidate: Susan Dumph | Resume | Statement of Interest

One position open. 1-year term: Oct. 1, 2023–Sept. 30, 2024.

Candidate: Lea Dickerson | Resume | Statement of Interest

One position open. 1-year term: Oct. 1, 2023–Sept. 30, 2024.

Candidate: Robert Krabill

At-Large Member
Three positions open. 3-year term: Oct. 1, 2023–Sept. 30, 2026.

Candidate 1: Daryl Dumph | Resume | Statement of Interest

Candidate 2: Jennifer Karol | Resume | Statement of Interest

Candidate 3: Michael Lantz | Resume | Statement of Interest

Candidate 4: Isaac Prevost | Resume | Statement of Interest

Candidate 5: Robert Rhodes | Resume | Statement of Interest

For questions email sections@wsba.org.



The Administrative Law Section is involved in all areas of administrative law of interest to Washington lawyers, including Washington State administrative law, federal administrative law, tribal administrative law, and interstate compact administrative law. We recognize that most attorneys in Washington practice some type of administrative law, even if they never directly apply the Washington Administrative Procedure Act. We have written (and regularly update) an administrative law practice manual (an online publication), and the Public Records Act Deskbook. You can order these publications under the “Resources & Deskbooks” section below. View the free publication, Ensuring Equal Access for People with Disabilities-A Guide for Washington Administrative Proceedings (2011).

The section welcomes anyone as a member who has an interest in administrative law. Upon payment of annual dues of only $25, active members of the WSBA may be voting members of the section and anyone else may be a non-voting member of the section and receive section benefits. Our members include:

  • Assistant attorneys general
  • Administrative adjudicators and individuals who represent private parties or agencies in administrative hearings
  • Public agency in-house attorneys
  • City attorneys (on private contract as well as municipal employees)
  • County prosecutors
  • Private practitioners who either contract to represent government entities or represent clients subject to government regulation
  • Judicial officials

Benefits of Membership

  • Reduced tuition at high-quality section CLEs (at least two per year)
  • Three newsletters per year, including summaries of recent administrative law state and federal cases, articles and announcements
  • Annual meeting with good food and other special events
  • Input into legislative and WSBA proposals as the recognized experts in administrative law
  • Contributions to projects benefiting access to justice efforts
  • Networking and support in the field of administrative law

Law Students Welcome

The Administrative Law Section welcomes law students! If you are enrolled in law school, join the section as a law student member. Meet lawyers who practice administrative law. Help prepare your own career in administrative law.

New Mentorship Program

Administrative Law Section Mentorship Program Flyer

The Administrative Law Section is pleased to announce that the application window for the 2023-2024 Mentorship Program is now open. Attorneys who are members of the Admin Law Section are invited to apply as either a mentor or a mentee for this 12-month program that requires a commitment of at least 2 hours per month for which you can obtain CLE credit. The Mentorship Program is a wonderful way to develop lasting relationships one-on-one and to share your knowledge base through an established curriculum that can be modified to fit you and your assigned partner's specific goals. We encourage mentors and mentees to apply. Please complete the application at the below link and return it to alexis@dynamiclawgroup.com by April 30. The Program commences May 15.

CLE Recordings

Webinar: The Law Concerning Agency Interpretive and Policy Statements RCW 34.05.230

This webinar will address agency authority under RCW 34.05.230 to issue interpretive and policy statements and case law precedent addressing that provision.

Faculty: Bill Pardee, Washington State Board of Tax Appeals

Listen to the Audio (two hours)

This audio is not accredited for CLE credit and is available for viewing for up to one year after the live event date (May 27, 2022).

Webinar: 2022 Administrative Law Legislative Update

The CLE will cover the 2022 Legislative short session as it related to administrative law. Attendees will learn about new legislation impacting the Open Public Meetings Act, the Public Records Act, certain administrative hearings deadlines, and more.

Eileen Keiffer, member at Madrona Law Group PLLC

Listen to the Audio (one hour)

This audio is not accredited for CLE credit and is available for listening for up to one year after the live event date (June 24, 2022).

The Frank Homan Award

Congratulations to Larry Berg, Our 2022 Homan Award recipient!

The Frank Homan Award is presented annually to an individual who has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to the improvement or application of administrative law.

Only Administrative Law Section members can nominate, but a nominee does not have to be an attorney or a section member.

The award is named for Frank Homan, a dedicated teacher and mentor who was passionate about improving the law. After receiving his law degree from Cleveland State University of Law in 1965, he began practicing in Washington in 1968, serving as an Employment Security Department hearings examiner from 1970 to 1974 and as a senior administrative law judge at the Office of Administrative Hearings from 1975 to 1993. He continued to serve as an ALJ pro tem after his retirement in 1993. He was an early proponent for the creation of a central hearings panel, and played an important role in the creation of the Office of Administrative Hearings (RCW 34.12).

Frank was generous with his time and expertise and is well-remembered for his sense of humor, his command of the English language, and his writing style — including his knowledge of legal terminology and history. His commitment to promoting justice for all and the practice of administrative law is the inspiration for the award that bears his name.

Prior Recipients

2021 – John Gray
2020 – Richard Potter
2019 – Katy A. Hatfield
2017 – Kim O'Neal
2016 – John F. Kuntz
2015 – Ramsey Ramerman
2015 – Eric Stahl

2013 – Alan D. Copsey
2011 – Larry A. Weiser
2010 – Jeffrey Goltz
2008 – Kristal Wiitala
2007 – C. Dean Little
2006 – William R. Andersen
2005 – Bob Wallis

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Archived issues are available to section members upon request. To request an issue, please email sections@wsba.org.

Resources & Deskbooks

Ensuring Equal Access for People with Disabilities — A Guide for Washington Administrative Proceedings

Public Records Act Deskbook (order online)

Washington Administrative Law Practice Manual (eBook) (order online)

Administrative Hearing Procedure Index

Washington state agencies, boards and commissions

Executive Committee

Chair: Lea Dickerson (2022-2023) 

Chair-Elect: Ed Pesik (2022-2023) 

TreasurerKaty Hatfield (2022-2023) 

SecretaryRichelle Little (2022-2023) 

Immediate Past Chair: Bill Pardee (2022-2023) 

Young Lawyer Liaison: Devin Curda (2022-2024)

Board of Governors Liaison*: Francis Adewale (2022-2023) and Alec Stephens (2022-2023)

At-Large Members

Robert Rhodes (2020-2023)
Sophie Geguchadze (2021-2023)
Robert Krabill (2021-2024)
Tim O'Connell (2021-2024)
Seth Rosenberg (2021-2024)
Eileen Keiffer (2022-2025)
Susan Dumph (2022-2025)
Alexis Hartwell-Gobeske (2022-2025)
VACANT (2021-2023) 

Committee Chairs

*Nonvoting member

Please contact subcommittee members for details on their upcoming meeting dates and locations.

For general questions, please email inquiries to sections@wsba.org. To get involved and learn more about the Administrative Law Section, please contact Section Chair Lea Dickerson.

CLE Committee
Ed Pesik

Diversity and Outreach Committee
 Alexis Hartwell-Gobeske and  Robert Rhodes

Newsletter Committee
Ed Pesik & Sophie Geguchadze

Publications and Practice Manual Committee
 Richelle Little

Legislative Committee
 Richard Potter*

*Nonvoting member